Home for TuxCNC - A low cost (free, but easy to install) CNC package running under Linux. Development is currently a low key affair whilst the core team streamline and document the code base. Once the restructuring is complete, the sources will be made public via CVS. In the meantime, keep up with significant milestones here.


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Zathras machine on the TuxCNC.org system.
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10 November 08 - 15:30TuxCNC on a Mac

Promted by a desire to be as portable as possible, efforts were made to compile the code on an Apple Mac running OS X 10.4 - Not the most recent of systems, but it does provide a reasonable "proof of concept" platform.

Much of the code is already portable in that it avoids architecture and/or OS specific hacks, and automake circumvents much of the pain of cross platform compilation. (more)


12 November 07 - 22:16emc2 ver2.2.x released.

The emc2 team released ver2.2.0 on November 5th, followed by 2.2.1 a few days later.

New "components" have been added along with a "new" driver for 8255 based PCI cards.

Additional claims include:

* x86_64 port
* powerpc port (sim only)
* For SMP configurations, yadda yadda...

v2.2.1 "fixes several important packaging problems". (more)


16 April 07 - 19:58EMC on AMD64

Now that realtime patches are available for x86_64 to run in native 64 bit mode, it was decided to see what was involved in getting EMC to run... (more)


28 February 07 - 21:26Xenomai test results

The last few days have seen several updates to both the Adeos-ipipe patch and Xenomai to fix a few glitches.. Current build is with the 1.0-05 patch for x86_64.

Results: (more)


01 November 06 - 10:11New kid on the block

A new project has appeared from Russia - Dmitry Shatrov is the driving force behind MyNC, a package aimed at wire EDM. (more)


15 September 06 - 21:49emc2 overview

emc2 is the current development tree based on the original EMC code - It currently doesn't know if it is a MATLAB wannabe, a robotics construction kit, or a CNC control.... (more)


15 September 06 - 20:49EMC overview

The Enhanced Machine Control (EMC) is the original project from NIST that has spawned a number of projects. A short review of the current code follows - Comments on some of the derivatives will appear in future articles. (more)